Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Colors
Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Colors
Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Colors

Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Colors

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Stretchable Glitter

Add Sparkle and Shine!

Stretchable  Glitter heat transfer vinyl offers the sparkle you are looking for! Some of the benefits include:
Easy to use
Can be cut with laser systems
Flake-free shimmer


At AVANCE Heat Transfer Vinyl, we offer classes to teach you how to use your glitter heat transfer vinyl to make a variety of products.

Rolls of glitter HTV are 20 inches wide by 12 inch or  1, 5, or 25-yards.
Colors: Red, Light Pink, Cyber Pink, Kelly Green, Light Green, Light Orange, Orange, White, Silver, Black, Royal, Purple.

Blade: 45/60 degrees

Make Custom Products With Easy-to-use HTV

Easy-to-use HTV Glitter heat transfer vinyl is designed for use on:
100% cotton,
Poly/cotton blends,
100% polyester,
(P)Leather, and

Other items it can be applied to include:

Add the perfect amount of shimmer to just about anything!

How to Apply Easy-to-use HTV

Using easy-to-use HTV is as simple as following these four easy steps:
Cut design in reverse (mirror image) and weed off excess vinyl. The design will transfer as it is placed.
Preheat item for 2-3 seconds before placing heat transfer vinyl.
Set design with firm, direct pressure for 13-15 seconds at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celcius).
Peel backing after the item has cooled.

Caring For Your Easy-to-use HTV

Easy-to-use HTV is pretty low maintenance requiring minimal care to keep the glittery design you created.
Wait 24 hours before washing.
Machine wash on warm or cold setting with a mild detergent.
Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.
Machine dry on your normal setting.

Get your glitter heat transfer vinyl at AVANCE Heat Transfer Vinyl!