Rhinestones Size 6ss (1 oz.)
Rhinestones Size 6ss (1 oz.)
Rhinestones Size 6ss (1 oz.)
Rhinestones Size 6ss (1 oz.)

Rhinestones Size 6ss (1 oz.)

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Accent Your Designs With Rhinestones

Do you want your heat transfer vinyl designs to stand out? Add some style and liven up your designs with these beautiful Korean rhinestones! You can use contrasting rhinestone colors to make fun designs, or use matching colors to compliment them!


What Can You Add Rhinestones to?

You can add our rhinestones to any type of apparel to enhance its style. Try adding rhinestones to your:

    • Masks: Everyone’s wearing them—make yours stand out! You can easily add these beautiful rhinestones to any style of facemask.
    • T-shirts: Boring old t-shirts? No thanks. Add some dazzle to your t-shirt designs with colorful rhinestones!
    • Hats: Addsome personality to any of your hats! Baseball caps? Flat brims? Cowboyhats? Beanies? Whatever your style, accent it with some rhinestones!
    • Jackets: Fromheavier coats to hoodies and sweatshirts, stay warm, enhance theirlooks, and add some sparkle with your favorite color of rhinestones!
    • And more: That’s not all—you can accent just about any apparel with rhinestones to give them your own personal style!


    How Many Rhinestones Are in a Package?

    All of our rhinestones are sold by weight. A one-ounce package of rhinestones contains approximately 1,000. Order rhinestones by the ounce and choose from eight fun colors:

    • Medium Yellow
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Black
    • Grass Green


    How Do I Add Rhinestones to My Designs?

    There are two different techniques that you can use to add rhinestones to your apparel:

    Hot fix (preferred method): Hot fixing rhinestones to your apparel is quick and easy. Depending on the size of rhinestones you choose, you can add hundreds of them at the same time, and both the rhinestones and garment can still safely get dry cleaned. Here are the heat press settings to hot fix your rhinestones:
    • Temp: 330 degrees
    • Time: 25 seconds
    • Pressure: medium


    Glue on: Other than using a heat press, you can attack rhinestones by hand with glue or other adhesives. While it does work and provides a strong hold, it’s extremely tedious since you have to add and glue your rhinestones one by one. It can take hours to attach the same amount of rhinestones that you could do in minutes using a heat press.