Starter Pack Vinyl

Starter Pack Vinyl

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Awesome value pack of 8 of the most popular colors!

Use these easy-to-use heat transfer vinyl sheets to personalize t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and more. The vinyl is sturdy enough to easily cut with any instrument and can be adhered with an iron or a heat press. 

Made from high-quality polyurethane vinyl, these sheets can be washed in the washing machine. Can be used on most materials and it’s easy to apply multiple colors to the same garment. 

To Use:

  1. Cut out the final design in reverse (mirror image).
  2. Preheat material under iron or heat press just long enough to make the garment warm to touch.
  3. Position the heat vinyl transfer where it should be applied on the garment.
  4. Apply medium heat (roughly 300-325° with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds).
  5. Peel backing away while vinyl is still hot. 
  6. Let vinyl cool, do not wash for 24 hours.