Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 or SG800 Sublimation System

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Dye-based sublimation is becoming increasingly popular. Hobbyists, crafters, or business owners can all benefit from having one of these incredible printers. At the top of the best sublimation printers list, you will find the Sawgrass Virtuoso. Either the SG400 or SG800 is an excellent choice.

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Throughout this blog, you will find information that pertains to both models as they are overall similar.  


What is a Sawgrass Sublimation System? 

The Sawgrass Virtuoso is a top-of-the-line, fully integrated answer for all of your sublimation needs. This specific machine is the fastest you can buy. This printer can produce over two hundred prints per hour. It has a built-in cleaning program that keeps your printer running at full capacity while power-saving features. 

What Can I do with a Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 or SG800 System?

decorated mug

Limited only by your creativity. You can easily decorate a variety of different materials such as: 

  • Aluminum Panels, 
  • Hardboard, 
  • Mugs, 
  • Polyester Fabric, 
  • Wood Plaques, 
  • Tile, 
  • Acrylic, 
  • Glass, 
  • Slate, 
  • Fiberglass Plastic, 
  • and more.


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How to Set up A Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400/SG800 Sublimation System

So, are you ready to have your Sawgrass Virtuoso sublimation system up, running, and creating? 

Step 1: Unboxing

It’s going to feel like Christmas as you pull out all the different parts that come with your SG400/SG800. It will also help you take inventory and ensure that everything is there, and gives you a list if you need to go pick up any extra materials.

Most machines come with: 

  • 100 Sheets of sublimation paper
  • Some sublimation blanks
  • Power cord
  • USB cord
  • And an installation kit. That kit will have a quick start guide, a USB drive with the complete manual, and four sublimation ink cartridges. 
A person printing on a Sawgrass printer


Set 2: Set up the power supply.

Troubleshooting 101, make sure it’s plugged in. This is a crucial part of the setup process of your SG400/SG800 printer. Connect the power cord that came with the machine to the wall. Don’t turn the printer on right away! It’s super tempting to switch it on, but you’ll want to do some other things before flipping the switch. 

Step 3: Installing Ink & Paper

Having your machine off during this process will make the installation much more manageable. You’ll see a panel on the right side of the printer. That’s where you will install the ink cartridges. Remove them from the packaging and match them up with the appropriately colored slot. Be sure that the color code is facing the front.

Next, you can load the paper into the paper tray. If your printer doesn’t have a bypass tray, you’ll have to pull the tray out from the front of the printer. By default, the machine fits 8.5x11’’ paper. You can change this easily by moving the two white bars. Pinch and slide the green guide all the way to the front of the tray. Once that’s in place, you can push the green tabs out. This allows you to fill your paper tray. Once you’re finished, you can push the green tabs back in.

Note: Make sure the bright white side of the paper is facing down when you load the paper.

Step 4: (Optional) Bypass Tray

If you opt to get a bypass tray with your printer, you will have more printing size options upwards of 13x19’’ paper. To install this, you will see an installation port on the left side of your printer. Connect the two pieces into the installation ports at the back of the printer. Then follow the steps on the screen to set up your bypass tray.

Note: When using a bypass tray, the bright white side of the paper should be facing you. 

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Step 5: Installing The Print Manager

Now your Sawgrass Virtuoso is set up and ready to be installed. Your Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) will allow for color correction and other tools that keep your printing efficiency maximized. 

To install your Virtuoso Print Manager, go into your browser, then go to the Sawgrass homepage, navigate to products, and finally to the print manager. There should be a download button. You must register an account if this is your first Sawgrass product. If this isn’t, then just log in and download. 

Finally, once the download is complete, a setup box should pop up and will guide you through the rest of your setup process. Agree to the terms and conditions agreements. Select the “Reboot now” button, and you will now have access to the print manager and be able to install your printer. 

Step 5: Installing Your Printer

Now that your printer manager is set up, you can register and install your printer. After the system rebooted, open the Sawgrass VPM icon on your desktop. Then follow a few simple steps to finish installing your printer.

  1. Agree to Sawgrass’s terms and conditions
  2. Find and select your printer model at the “Printer Driver” prompt box 
  3. Click install
  4. Accept Sawgrass’ terms and conditions
  5. Select “Add a new printer,” click next
  6. Select “Connect USB cable,” click next
  7. Double-check that your printer is still turned off, and disconnect your USB cable
  8. Wait for files to copy
  9. Finally, turn your printer on and connect your USB cable from your printer to the computer. Wait for auto-detect.
Sawgrass Print Manager



Step 6: Register Your Printer

Now that your Sawgrass Virtuoso is installed and ready to go, you will see a prompt to register your printer. You will need a registration code from Sawgrass to be able to register your printer. It only takes a few simple steps. 

  1. Select get started, and go to resources
  2. Select “Obtain Code”
  3. Select “New Registration”
  4. Fill in any required fields, including the printer, software, serial number, where you purchased your printer from, and any extended warranty information.
  5. Click “Apply”
  6. Prompts will direct you to a success page with the registration code that you can then copy/paste the code into your Sawgrass VPM registration window.
  7. Click “Apply” 

After you’ve successfully registered your printer, you are ready to start printing!

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All Done!

Heat Transfer Vinyl  pink hat


Your Sawgrass SG400/SG800 is all set up and ready to begin creating with. Decorate until your heart is content with your new sublimation system.

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